Mr. Student Body President

One of my bigger projects of the year was Sound Design / Sound Editing for New Form Digital's new series 'Mr. Student Body President'. Cool thing about this show is it's got Jeremy Shada AKA FINN THE HUMAN!! So it's hilarious...also this show is part of an all new streaming network called Verizon Go 90,  and it's free. It's even more free if you're a Verizon customer because it doesn't charge you data. Any who, the series was a lot of fun to design, the post-audio team laughed a lot! 

Challenges in this show: Well for one a lot of typical challenges were taken right of off the table because the stellar production crew did a killer job at capturing pristine production-set audio. This makes my job a lot easier when it comes to little nuances that are so very important (ie: body movement, paper shuffles, room tone...etc) So what challenges did I face? Well this is a drama/comedy that takes place in HS, so I need to make it sound like a really populated high school that is full of kids; since ya can't hire several hundred extras. Other fun things include kids getting slammed into lockers, making it sound real but adding some cinematic quality to it such as synthesized risers and stingers. We even have a semi-gross bathroom scene, a baby gets shaken (don't worry it's one of those fake computer babies for school that you carry around), lets see what else...oh and a gnarly dodge ball scene. So these types of things can go several ways, we wanted to lay on the comedy so there's some exaggerated moments. Getting the ambiences and tone of the school was a little difficult and there were a lot of doors and footsteps. Never underestimate the amount of work you can spend on those elements, it's the most overlooked but really it sets the entire vibe and sells the whole "world" that show lives within. 

If you got time, check out the show. They're free and only 11-15 minutes long with very limited ads. What do you have to loose, don't you want to laugh during your lunch break!? 

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